Every day, millions of us run the risk of developing and living life in chronic pain. This is not through risky sports and hobbies like GAA, skiing or horse riding, but simply by working and sitting down at a computer for hours at a time in a poor position.

How your working environment is set up plays an integral part in our physical health. That is why we feel it is essential that people get this right, especially in the current crisis.

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Are you Working from Home….???

  • Are you currently working from home and are experiencing pain in your back, neck or wrist and you’re not sure why? We have the answer…
  • Most of us spend hours at our desk every day. Bad habits and incorrect posture can lead to short-term aches that can turn into long-term injuries. Most office chairs and desk heights in the workplace have been assessed according to recommended ergonomic guideline to negate these risks. However now that people are working from home, we understand you may be developing these aches, simply because the chair and desk are not suitable or appropriate.
  • This is why you would benefit greatly from a video appointment with a Physiotherapist who can assess your home working space and let you know what to adjust to be able to work comfortably and efficiently.
  • In the current climate we are offering remote ergonomic workstation assessments through a video call. This functional ergonomic desk assessment will check everything that is linked to your work set up. You may have a great workstation, with the best ergonomic chair on the market, but if you’re not using it properly, then you may as well be sitting on a stool.
  • We will discuss your current set up and work situation and go through a full functional ergonomic desk assessment. Using our years of knowledge. We will adjust what we can while we’re there and suggest recommendations on how to get best use of your current facilities, whilst passing on any top tips relating to any other new equipment to order or that may be in your house already that could further enhance your work environment. If needed we can provide a written report summarise what was discussed.
  • Also If you are developing back or neck pain then a visit to our neck and back pain page may help. To alleviate these symptoms you may also want to look into book an appointment with us >>>>>>> link to booking >>>>> where we are offering online consultations at present.

Top Tips for an Ideal Posture at desk

Top Tips for an Ideal Posture at desk
  • Great starting point is elbows at 90 degrees.
  • Adjust monitor so that top 1/4 of screen is eye line height and at arm’s length and when sitting tall. This can be done using boxes or books if working from home in the current environment.
  • Elbows should rest in front of the body, rather than in line with your side, with forearms resting on your desk
  • Feet should be flat on the floor – or use a footrest, cushion, box or some other house object to create contact with floor
  • Ensure chair is high enough so hips are slightly higher than knees (tilt seat if necessary).
  • Lengthen your spine to its natural balanced position. This should feel like sitting tall with your bottom against back of the chair, and top of back should be supported too. Use a cushion or back support if needed, especially if working from home.
  • Your mouse and phone should be within easy reach. If more than 40% of your day is spent on the phone, you need to use a headset.

If you suspect your workstation is a contributing factor to any on-going symptoms: numbing or stiffness in joints, or tingling, aching sensations in muscles, then you may require a Work Station assessment. You may also need to book in for an online consultation to assess the symptoms described to get a course of action.

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