Hip Pain

Issues with the hip and groin can affect anyone ranging from intercounty footballers to your weekend warrior to over 60s who are just trying to maintain some activity.

Pain in hip and groin can also be referred from lx spine and pelvis.

A consultation with your Chartered Physiotherpist at Dynamic Physiotherapy can diagnose where your pain is coming from and design a customised rehab program to help correct deficiencies in range of movement and work on any weaknesses. This will be tailored depending on what activity you want to return to.

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When should I see a physiotherapist.

  • Any pain and tenderness in the groin, hip and the inside of the thigh.
  • Any swelling, stiffness and bruising around hip or groin area.
  • Movement related pain. This includes bringing legs together or apart, lifting or stretching leg behind or pulling knee up and across body.
  • Any popping or snapping feeling related to movement.
  • Severe pain linked to the snapping or popping feeling.
  • Inability to weight bear on injured side.

Some conditions that we regularly treat in Dynamic Physio are:

  • Hip Labral tear
  • Hip Impingement
  • Groin injuries
  • Osteitis pubis