Knee Pain

This is a very common condition that we treat in Dynamic Physiotherapy. Knee pain can be triggered by a large variety of different causes such as, overuse injuries, trauma, arthritic conditions, everyday strains and sports injuries. Most knee conditions are very  treatable with a comprehensive and effective physiotherapy treatment and generally consist of a combination of  manual therapy, taping, exercise prescription/rehabilitation.

At Dynamic Physio, our physiotherapists will thoroughly assess the cause of knee pain to allow for targeted treatment specific to the injury, leading to a faster recovery time.

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Acute pain in knee

When should I see a Physiotherapist

  • Pain of any nature (dull, sharp, shooting) in or around the knee.
  • Any sensation of giving way or collapsing from under you.
  • Any audible ‘pop’ or ‘crack’ in or around the knee joint.
  • Significant pain or swelling after an identifiable incident or for no reason.
  • An overwhelming sensation of stiffness or tightness in or around the knee joint.
  • Any different sensations around the joint.
  • Sensations of burning, numbness, tingling.
  • Inability to complete your normal physical activities.

Some common conditions and causes of pain in the knee are:

Common, Knee Strain or Irritation.

  • This is generally caused by simple everyday stresses that are placed on the knee in normal daily activities. This can involve a sudden increase inactivity levels of walking, gardening or even a change in footwear. These generally do not involve any structural problems with the knee joint but are mechanical in origin. These can be alleviated by treatment from our physiotherapist with advice and simple exercises.

Meniscus or cartilage injury:

  • A cartilage or meniscus tear is a more structural problem which involves a tear of the cartilage which acts as a shock absorber between the opposing joint surfaces. They usually occur either through a traumatic twisting injury to the knee, or can build up over time leading to a degenerative tear. These types of tears can vary on a spectrum from being minor and affecting the outer layers of the cartilage where there is improved blood supply and thus a greater chance of settling down with physiotherapy and exercises. Larger tears, often in the deeper zone with poorer blood supply for healing, can cause more serious problems causing the knee to lock and give-way, and they are often very painful with weight-bearing.

Ligament strain – ACL, MCL or LCL.

  • A ligament strain is generally caused by trauma or a traumatic movement to your knee. This leads to a strain or tear to the fibres of the ligament. Due to this disruption there is laxity or instability in the joint. The extent and orientation of this laxity is dependent on which individual ligament or combination of ligaments are involved. It is essential that you get a comprehensive assessment by one of our experienced physiotherapists to ascertain the extent of the injury. Using the results of the assessment we will put a comprehensive and personalized rehab program in place to get you to your previous activity level. In this program we will guide you through a gradual increase in your strength work and your return to activity.

Arthritic knee pain

  • A very common cause of knee pain is general wear and tear in the knee, or arthritic knee pain. This is especially in those in latter stages of life. It is caused by a gradual and progressive degradation of the joint space and cartilaginous covering. Once this irritation and pain occurs the muscles around the knee, which control joint, are inhibited and so can lead to an increase in load on the affected areas. Rehabilitation is vital to help settle the joint to maintain and improve joint flexibility. Strengthening and activation of the muscles around the joint is essential to reduce the stress of the joint. Our experienced physiotherapist in Dynamic Physio can guide you through this. Physiotherapy This generally includes important lifestyle advice and changes, which will cause a

Other common causes of knee pain that we treat at Dynamic Physiotherapy:

  • Jumpers knee/Patellar Tendonitis
  • Runners Knee/ITBand Syndrome
  • Patella femoral knee pain
  • Osgood’s Schlatter Syndrome